Welsh for Health Workers course for Workplace and Union North Wales

Welsh for Health Workers Course

Course Synopsis

This course is a Welsh course designed specifically for workers in the health and care sector.

Learn Welsh on a course using realistic scenarios from hospital and care home settings to teach you the vocabulary you need to communicate effectively with colleagues and patients.

The course also looks briefly at the heritage, culture and customs of Wales so that you can better understand the needs and motivation of your colleagues and patients.

No prior knowledge of the Welsh language is required when you start this course, but if you have already learnt some Welsh you can take advantage of the fast track option.

Course Focus

  • The patients day
    • Greetings & Personal information
    • Conversation starters / the weather
    • Food and Drink
  • Directions and Instructions
    • Finding your way around & signs
    • Department / ward names
    • Giving instructions
  • Taking your medicine
    • Common diseases / ailments
    • Types of medication
    • Describing symptoms
  • Injury and First Aid
    • Types of injury
    • Common equipment
    • Calming / reassuring language
  • Anatomy
    • Parts of the body
    • Muscles and bones
    • Language of movement
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