Protection of Vulnerable Adults POVA course for workplace and Union North Wales

Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) Course

Course Synopsis

Everyone working with vulnerable adults, in any capacity should receive training in the Protection of Vulnerable Adults in order to understand how and why people abuse others, how to recognise signs and symptoms and how to report any incident.

This course covers vital theory and practical techniques for all aspects of dealing with and protecting vulnerable adults.

You will gain an understanding of all of the key issues of protecting vulnerable adults and examine your own practice and attitudes so that you can act effectively in situations where you suspect abuse.

Course Focus

• What is POVA?
• Who is a vulnerable adult?
• Current guidance and legislation in relation to POVA
• Recognise the signs and symptoms of possible abuse and/or neglect
• Understand why abuse may not be reported
• Understand your responsibility to report suspected abuse

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