Student Support Services - Coleg Harlech, North Wales

Student Support Services

Careers Advice

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Disability Statement

WEA Cymru encourages applications from individuals who have difficulties or disabilities.
The institution's mission statement identifies the principle of inclusive education for all and the imperative of developing the full potential of all its learners.

It is acknowledged by the institution that due to the diverse nature of sites used that mobility problems may be encountered by those with physical disabilities in some instances, we will endeavour to meet a student's requirements including relocating the course if possible. After discussion between the student and the institution, if it is felt that the student’s needs cannot be met then they are counselled through to a more appropriate course or institution.

The full statement is available in this document

Essential and Basic Skills

Not happy with your writing, reading and maths skills? You are not alone, over a quarter of adults in Wales are in the same position.

To get help with reading, writing and maths skills contact Julie Roberts 01766 800466 or click here to

Useful information can also be found on the websites of the Welsh Assembly Government, Basic Skills Cymru and the National Literacy Trust

Financial Support

Financial Contigency Fund

This is a Welsh Assembly Government supported fund provided annually to help learners who, through financial hardship, are unable to start or continue a course of Further Education.

Supplementary Funding (LDD)

The Welsh Assembly Government may provide additional funding to support learners with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities (LDD). This funding is to make programmes more accessible for learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities

Assembly Learning Grants

This is a special grant to help people on low income to get into further and higher education. It is intended to help cover the cost of books, equipment, travel and childcare while studying. Grants are made by the Welsh Assembly Government throughout your Local Education Authority.

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