Course Fees

Our fee structure is designed to ensure that everyone who is able to makes a contribution to the cost of their course but at the same time no one should be prevented from attending a WEA Cymru class because of financial difficulties.

Registration Fee: The fees for each course detailed on this website include a £10 registration fee. Note: the registration fee of £10 is charged to all learners including those eligible for reduced or no course fees as detailed below.

Financial Support

For information on financial support click here


You may be eligible for a concession if you are in receipt of benefits on 1st September of year of course start. Please note you can only apply for one of the available concessions below.

You must bring documentary evidence to support your application for the minimum fee when registering for a course. Such evidence will be examined but not photocopied

If you receive Means Tested Benefits

If you are in receipt of the means tested benefits below you should expect to pay the concessionary fee detailed alongside the courses on this website.

Means Tested Benefits (ie those paid dependant upon you and your family’s income, to conform to the minimum set by Government to live on) include -

  • Job Seekers Allowance (Income based)
  • Income Support or Income Support Top Ups
  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax Benefit (income based)
  • Pension Credit Top up to State Pension

Other Costs

Some courses may involve additional costs eg examination fee or materials. However, if you need help to pay for these please talk to your tutor or ring your local office.

WEA Cymru reserves the right to charge registration fees to those learners eligible for registration and exam fee concessions in the following circumstances:

• Attendance and/or coursework requirements have not been met

• The learner is re-taking a whole or part qualification

• The learner fails to attend an examination without good reason

Means of Payment

WEA Cymru accepts payment of course fees by individuals through the following means:

• On-line
• Cash
• Cheque payable to WEA Cymru
• Standing order for those paying by instalments
• Debit/Credit Card -By phone to the Finance office – 01766 800477
Môn learners can pay by phoning the area office on 01766 800443

Instalments can be offered to learners paying course fees on the following basis:

• Instalments will be paid in equal amounts
• All payments will need to be paid before the end of the term in which the course starts
• An arrangement to pay in instalments cannot be offered retrospectively to any student that has already paid their course fee
• This arrangement will be reviewed on an annual basis

For all courses, payment may be made at the first or second session of the course or in person at Area Offices, by post or by phone.

In the event of non-payment of course fees, learners may be required to withdraw from the course and WEA Cymru will pursue the individual for full payment of the fees by whatever means it feels are appropriate.


You will only be given a refund if your class is cancelled by WEA Cymru

Learners who enrol early and wish to withdraw before the start of the course are entitled to a refund providing the request is received by WEA Cymru in writing at least five working days before the start date.

Once the course has started refunds will not normally be given to learners who withdraw. Requests for refunds relating to personal circumstances must be made in writing, to the relevant Learning Manager stating clearly the reason for the request.

Late Enrolments

The normal fee rules apply even if you start a course late.

Lost / Replacement Certificates

Please note that learners are responsible for the cost of a replacement certificate i.e. if lost, damaged or a certificate was issued with an incorrect name.Certificate(s) will not be dispatched until the fee has been paid in full.

Replacement cost depends on the Awarding Body, contact your Area Team for further details.


WEA Cymru also works in partnership with employers, voluntary organisations and community groups and fees may vary according to the nature of the work.


Some courses may form part of European Social Fund (ESF) projects and in these instances students will need to meet certain criteria to benefit from free provision.


If you would like to support the work of WEA Cymru and take part in its activities you may wish to become an individual member at a cost of £10 per annum. The course registration fee is waived for members ( subject to written evidence being provided at time of enrolment ). Members have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and are entitled to receive copies of a periodic newsletter and the Annual Report.

Further Help

If you have any problems understanding these rules or have any problems in affording the fees or other costs such as childcare, exam fees and course materials, then please ask the Learning Manager/Tutor Organiser or Development Worker in the area.