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Harlech :: Harlech :: Community Courses :: Animation Techniques

Brief outline of content:
Learners will research the content and production techniques used in historical and contemporary examples of work. Learners will develop understanding in such things as persistence of vision, frame rates, stop-frame
techniques and the production of cells. This background will inform planning and production of work using one of the traditional methods or a digital application for animation and provide a basis for exploring and experimenting with animation techniques and content.

General objectives proposed
On completion of this unit a learner should:
1 Know about animation techniques
2 Be able to develop ideas for an animation sequence
3 Be able to create an animation sequence
4 Be able to review own animation production.

Who’s it for?
This unit forms part of the BTEC Creative Media Production suite and is suitable for all learners interested in the topic or achieving this qualification.

Entry requirements
No formal qualifications required although learners may be required to demonstrate interest in the subject and an ability to succeed at interview.

Essential skills
Support in Literacy, Numeracy and ITC is available for those who require it.

Equipment or materials for learners
Learners will have access to a camera equipment capable of frame capture and remote shutter control and video editing applications.
There will also be access to animation production software and construction space to enable learners to make sets or models, and sufficient studio
space for a number of sets to be in place. Recording, editing and post-production facilities for sound will also be available.

Level: Intermediate

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Course ID: 4891

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