Anglesey and Bangor :: Holyhead :: Community Courses :: Aromatherapy + Indian Head Massage

This 12-week course introduces the learner to Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage techniques.

Areas covered will be:
- Brief history of Aromatherapy & Indian Head Massage
- How the oils work
- Benefits to body and mind
- Contraindications to aromatherapy massage
- Blending oils for personal use
- How to use the oils in the home
- Learn how to give a simple relaxing massage e.g. hand, face, foot
- And relaxation techniques

Indian Head Massage can be beneficial for stress, muscular conditions and a wide range of other problems. On this course you will learn how to carry out a simple practical routine which you can safely use at home. The history of this fascinating therapy is studied together with health & safety and basic anatomy.

Level: Beginner

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