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Want to learn Welsh?
There are many advantages to being able to speak two languages . . . being able to join in in local activities; there are economic advantages, as employers are looking for people who can speak and work in both English and Welsh; you'll be able to enjoy two cultures & much more!
Perhaps your children are learning Welsh at school, or do other members of your family speak Welsh? Why not learn Welsh so that you can help your children with their school work, or so that you can speak Welsh to other relatives and friends?
A fun & friendly course, suitable for beginners and those wishing to gain confidence in understanding & speaking the Welsh language.

Lefel: Dechreuwyr

Maer cwrs hwn wedi gorffen. I gael gwybod am gyrsiau tebyg yn yr ardal hon cysylltwch ni drwy ffonio:

Sara Jones neu Buddug Wiliam 01248 363933

neu llenwch ein ffurflen gysylltu ar gyfer Cymraeg i Rieni in Mon

Course ID: 2876

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